The most unique opening available, the S-2000 Hingeway offers less intrusion into the interior, less lost space when open, and more of a canopy to the exterior. Flush Mountable and awe-inspiring, there's no other opening on the market quite like it. The S-2000 model can be constructed into custom doors, windows, or wall systems. The steel frame is designed to withstand 30 psf high wind loads with minimal deflection.

  • Battery Back Up: The REDD® Battery Backup provides a secondary power source in the event of power loss.

  • Touch Screen Control: The sleek touchscreen has plug-and-play technology and can be configured with a multi-digit code for security.

  • REDD® Motor: Renlita designed a motor exclusively for our high-end products. These 110V motors are low-to-no maintenance, high performance, and only available from Renlita.

  • REDD Alert®: REDD Alert® is Renlita's integrated safety system that identifies anything impeding door travel to keep your system safe.

  • Safety Break: The patented safety brake is an additional level of assurance available only on Renlita products.