Smoke Guard California: Smoke Curtains for California and Northern Nevada

Smoke Guard California is the proud provider of all Smoke Guard products to California and Northern Nevada.

From elevator protectives to horizontally deploying fire curtains, Smoke Guard provides a variety of fire and smoke protection products to help keep your buildings up to code.

When trying to meet building codes and ensure fire and smoke safety, mechanical smoke protection systems can be very expensive. Smoke and Fire rated curtains can help separate a larger space and keep smoke quarantined in the event of an emergency.

Smoke Guard California specialized in elevator smoke curtains, perimeter fire curtains, horizontal fire curtains and other opening protectives. We have fire safety options for all your building code needs. These products can be installed in addition to a more elaborate smoke mitigation system or used all on their own.

Give Smoke Guard California a call today to learn more about smoke protection products for your specific application. We can help you determine which products are necessary to meet all building codes and keep your building and its patrons safe.