One or two panel vertically lifting systems can create an opening with no protrusion to the interior or exterior. Opening upward to a stowed position or downward into a basement or similar storage area, this design is one of the most customizable options. The Liftaway system is designed to rise into the ceiling structure or lower into the door structure, which gives the customer the versatility to accommodate their design needs.

  • Battery Back Up: The REDD® Battery Backup provides a secondary power source in the event of power loss.

  • Touch Screen Control: The sleek touchscreen has plug-and-play technology and can be configured with a multi-digit code for security.

  • REDD® Motor: Renlita designed a motor exclusively for our high-end products. These 110V motors are low-to-no maintenance, high performance, and only available from Renlita.

  • Safety Break: Renlita's patented safety brake is an additional level of assurance available only on Renlita products.

  • REDD Alert®: REDD Alert® is Renlita's integrated safety system that identifies anything impeding door travel to keep your system safe.

  • Screen & Shade Options: Many of Renlita's systems can be fitted with customizable motorized insect screens and sunshades.