Two steel-framed panels and a whole lot of opportunity. With no need for ridiculous structural or excessive electrical costs even with a 90-foot max opening, this door still boasts the largest clear opening height of any 50/50 bifold on the market. The S-3000 model is designed for applications where minimal internal projection is required. Renlita utilizes counterweight balance technology to ensure smooth operation and durability, as well as customizations that no one else can do.

  • Battery Back Up: The REDD® Battery Backup provides a secondary power source in the event of power loss.

  • Touch Screen Control: The sleek touchscreen has plug-and-play technology and can be configured with a multi-digit code for security.

  • REDD® Motor: Renlita designed a motor exclusively for their high-end products. These 110V motors are low-to-no maintenance, high performance, and only available from Renlita.

  • REDD Alert®: REDD Alert® is Renlita's integrated safety system that identifies anything impeding door travel to keep your system safe.

  • Safety Break: Renlita's patented safety brake is an additional level of assurance available only on Renlita products.