ROLMATIC: Synchronized Bi-Parting System

Rolmatic® is designed to divide space through synchronized bi-parting glass doors sliding along glass sidelights.

  • Ideal for office partitions, conference rooms, bedrooms entrances, lounges, etc.

  • Minimalist design with a compact clear anodized track holding panels up to 10’ high.

  • Innovative system for high-end projects leaving a clear opening up to 8’-0”.

  • 90º corner opening option available (Rolmatic Corner).

  • Single extrusion to combine fixed and sliding glass panels for easier and faster installation.

  • Clipped valance for a quick installation.

  • Clear opening free of floor tracks.

  • Glass panels held through high weight capacity pressure clamps with no glass drillings (use of tempered or laminated glass).

  • Pre-mounted and pre-tensioned belt for a quicker and easier assembly.

  • Use of 3/8” and 1/2” glass doors up to 200 lbs.

  • Clear anodized aluminum finish.

  • Ball-bearing system for a quiet and soft opening.

  • Ceiling mounted.