M2100, M2500

Vertical Smoke Curtains

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Flexibility is a defining characteristic of the Smoke Guard vertical fire + smoke curtains. Available in a range of dimensions, these vertically deploying solutions are suitable for atrium separation, openings in walls and specialty enclosures where smoke and/or fire-rated protection is required.

These openings are vulnerable to a rush of flames and smoke, either because of their openness or because airflow channels feed oxygen to a fire and can fan flames and smoke. Smoke Guard smoke and fire containment systems halt smoke migration enabling building occupants additional egress time during a fire event, and enable first responders to compartmentalize the spread of smoke throughout the building.

Smoke Guard systems are invisible when installed until deployed, ensuring that your space can maintain its aesthetic appeal when the smoke curtains are not in use.

System Rating

  • The M2100 and M2500 vertical fire and smoke-rated curtain systems from Smoke Guard are 2-hour (120-minute) fire endurance-rated compliant with the UL 10D standard and listed by Intertek Laboratories. The vertical smoke curtains are also listed as compliant with the UL 1784 standard for smoke- and draft-control assemblies as defined in NFPA 105.

Housing Dimensions

  • M2100 Vertical and Egress: 6⅜" tall x 6¼" deep

  • M2500: For systems with drop lengths less than or equal to 12': 10" high by 9" deep; for systems with drop lengths of greater than 12': 11.75" high by 10.5" deep

Both M2100 and M2500 fulfill IBC requirements to provide an opening protective, where these assemblies are permitted as passive barriers used in conjunction with smoke control systems. Each can serve as an opening protective in atrium construction, communicating stairs, dumbwaiters, pass-through counters and openings in corridors.

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