M200, M400, M600

Elevator Smoke Curtain

In combination with the fire-rated doors used in nearly all elevators, Smoke Guard system smoke curtains deliver code-compliant smoke and draft opening protection. These units are listed by the California State Fire Marshal and integrate seamlessly with existing fire protection systems to quickly bring a structure up to code.

  • Elevator Hoistway Opening Sizes

    M200: 42 inches and 48 inches only

    M400: up 60 inches wide

    M600: Custom sizes available

  • Ceiling Height

    M200: Up to 10 feet high
    M400: Up to 10 feet high standard, up to 12 feet high custom (4'7" wide x 12' tall)

    M600: Up to 10 feet high

  • Housing Dimensions

    M200: Housing Lengths: 55 and 64 inches | Height: 10.5 inches | Depth: 9 inches (plus return)

    M400: Housing Lengths: 55, 64, and 73 inches | Height: 10.5 inches | Depth: 9 inches (plus return)

    M600: Lengths: 55, 64, 73 inches and custom | Height: 9 inches Depth: 11 (plus return)

For more information visit: https://smokeguard.com/products/elevator

OSHU: M400 & M600
M400 Deployment
Manual Egress for M400