Elevator Smoke Curtain

M200, M400, M600

In combination with the fire-rated doors used in nearly all elevators, Smoke Guard's code-compliant smoke curtains deliver best in class smoke protection. Our smoke curtains are listed by the California State Fire Marshal and integrate seamlessly with existing fire protection systems to quickly bring a structure up to code while providing superior smoke protection.

Smoke Guard smoke containment systems are invisible until deployed, ensuring that your elevator lobbies can maintain their aesthetic appeal when the smoke curtains are not in use.

Smoke Guard elevator smoke containment systems prevent smoke from traveling through an elevator shaft into other levels during an emergency. Our elevator smoke curtains come in a variety of sizes including custom widths for designing elevator lobbies.

The Smoke Guard system exceeds the smoke containment standards prescribed in the International Building Code (IBC). Smoke Guard system products are listed and labeled by Intertek in accordance with UL 1784 and UL 864 standards as well as recognized by the International Code Council (ICC) Evaluation Service, the California State Fire Marshal and numerous state and local building jurisdictions.

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  • Elevator Hoistway Opening Sizes
    : 42 inches and 48 inches only

    M400: up 60 inches wide

    M600: Custom sizes available

  • Ceiling Height
    : Up to 10 feet high

    M400: Up to 10 feet high standard, up to 12 feet high custom (4 feet 7 inches wide x 12 feet tall)

    M600: Up to 10 feet high

  • Housing Dimensions

    M200: Housing Lengths: 55 inches, 64 inches and 73 inches | Height: 10.5 inches | Depth: 9 inches (plus return) | Screen Drop Height: 10 feet

    M400: Housing Lengths: up to 60 inches | Height: 10.5 inches | Depth: 9 inches (plus return) | Return Depth: ½ inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch and 1.5 inches | Screen Drop Height: 12 feet

    M600: Lengths: variable 55 inches - 110 inches | Height: 9 inches |Housing Depth: 10.5 inch| Return Depth: 1 inch and 2-inch standard, ½ inches - 4 inches (in ¼ -inch increments)

For more information visit: https://smokeguard.com/products/elevator

OSHU: M400 & M600
M400 Deployment
Manual Egress for M400