SG Draft

Draft Curtain

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SG Draft is a cost-effective, static curtain strategy for warehouses, aircraft hangers, and manufacturing environments, used in both sprinklered and non-sprinklered buildings for automatic smoke removal. Draft curtains channel the ceiling jet away from the fire and out of the building via roof vents either to automatically remove the smoke or to delay sprinkler activation.

  • Curtain Dimensions

    SG Draft panels are manufactured in custom widths for ceiling spans of an unlimited width with a variable drop length to suit most ceiling heights. Consult or your local distributor for detailed information on this product.

  • System Description

    SG Draft is a code-compliant, lightweight, fixed fabric curtain, semi-permanent or temporary, fire barrier system for large vertical openings. The SG Draft curtain material is a glass filament fabric with a glass fiber material on one side.

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