Contractor Solutions

Balco EJ 6
Expansion Joint Systems

Balco expansion and seismic joint covers and fire barriers are the vanguard of architecturally specified products. We constantly innovate and incorporate the latest in technology to protect commercial buildings like hospitals, schools, shopping centers, hotels and airports from damage due to earthquakes, fires and storms.

Balco Mats
Entrance Floor Mats

Balco floor mats can be easily moved or adjusted for cleaning and maintenance, and with a variety of finishes and patterns you're sure to find something that provides protection without impacting the aesthetics of the building.

Photoluminescent Egress Markings

Photoluminescent egress markings create an intuitive path for emergency escape path during loss of power and darkness by illuminating handrails, demarcation, stair nosings and directional signage.

Greco So Boba
Architectural Railings

We offer a complete line of architectural railings and metal products to meet the desired aesthetics, performance and code requirements of any project.