What Are Your Options For Atrium Fire Safety?

Whether you are dealing with open atriums, interior stairs, or even escalators, fire curtains offer an energy and cost efficient solution for unenclosed openings.

Maximizing the amount of natural light in a modern building by opening up the atrium continues to be very popular. Furthermore, an open atrium can reduce operating costs by taking advantage of natural light and providing energy savings. All in all, an open atrium can modernize interior space and improve tenant/visitor satisfaction.

All that being said, the open space of a large atrium requires adequate attention during the design and construction process to ensure it is safe for all users and meets the various smoke and fire code regulations. Atrium building codes typically require a unique smoke and fire management system that activates in the event of a fire.

Previously, architects and contractors were restricted in design by conventional systems such as rolling steel doors, automatic sprinklers and smoke exhaust systems. These options are not only visually unappealing, but are typically quite expensive as well. Luckily, flexible fire and smoke rated curtains now offer a simpler and more design-friendly option.

Whether you are dealing with an atrium, interior stairs, elevator atriums or even escalators, fire curtains offer an energy and cost efficient option for unenclosed openings. These flexible curtains control smoke through the compartmentalization of the building’s spaces. By containing and channeling the smoke away from patrons, these curtains allow building occupants more time to safely exit from the building. As an added bonus, flexible smoke curtains can be virtually invisible when not deployed, therefore letting the building’s true beauty show through while keeping its users safe.

Smoke Guard provides flexible smoke and fire-curtain solutions for new construction and remodels in California and Northern Nevada. We can help you find the solution that is right for your building. Available in a wide range of dimensions, colors and finishes, we can help you protect a wide range of building openings. Contact us today!