The Advantages of Deployable Curtain Systems

Deployable smoke and fire rated curtains are cost effective and virtually invisible when not in use.

Deployable smoke and fire rated curtains have been used for quite some time to effectively protect elevators. However, their integration into atrium design is fairly new. Compared with a complex smoke exhaust system, passive smoke curtains are a simpler solution that is less expensive to certify, commission, and maintain. Plus, a deployable curtain systems can be designed so that it is virtually invisible when not in use.

As a passive smoke management system, fire curtains use less energy than a smoke exhaust system. Through a properly designed smoke control system, smoke curtains can work in conjunction with other life safety elements of the building such as sprinklers, smoke exhaust systems and more.

There are many advantages to a deployable smoke curtain system. For more information on how they can be applied to your building, whether a new construction or renovation. Smoke Guard California offers a variety of finishes, dimensions and assemblies. Furthermore, we offer custom solutions when necessary to add to the design of your building. Contact us today for more information.