Smoke Rated Curtains as Passive Smoke Barriers

Fire and smoke rated curtains are being used to protect openings into atrium spaces for surrounding floors.

Flexible fabric curtains that deploy automatically can be utilized to create vertical barriers at the edges of an atrium. Traditionally, they have been utilized alongside smoke exhaust systems, or sometimes on their own as a passive smoke control solution.

In these cases, they are considered to provide additional fire protection rather than structural fire protection because smoke control systems are meant to operate for at least twenty minutes or 1.5 times the calculated egress time from the facility, whichever is less, in order to facilitate safe evacuation from the building.

Recently, horizontal curtains have been used to divide atrium spaces into two-story segments, satisfying the smoke control requirements for atrium designs that are three stories or taller. Smoke Guard's Model 3000 offers excellent quality and design for horizontally deploying fire curtains.

For smoke control purposes, smoke-rated curtains are utilized to horizontally divide a vertical smoke control zone (atrium space) rather than serving as extensions of the floor itself. Dividing the atrium into two floor segments restricts the spread of smoke to other floors, supporting the purpose of the smoke control system to facilitate safe evacuation from the building. For more information on smoke curtains, reach out to a SG Solutions expert today!