Smoke Protection in Manufacturing Warehouses

When it comes to fire safety, manufacturing warehouses pose an interesting challenge. Not only are they large, open floor plans, but they often require the use of materials that can often be highly flammable or combustible.

Unlike a regular office building, large warehouses usually require active fire suppression systems at a scale that most engineers are unfamiliar. The large, open spaces provide an ideal environment for the easy spread of smoke and fire. Plus, added sensitivity is needed due to the possible presence of accelerants.

Active fire suppression systems typically require a passive component. The SG Draft Curtain is the perfect solution to help funnel smoke away from the source of the fire while delaying the activation of sprinkler systems. Most building codes require a heavy amount of protection and redundancy when it comes to warehouses. Therefore it is imperative to contact a fire safety engineer to make sure your building meets all codes while maximizing design options. Check out the SG Smoke Draft Curtain and let us know if we can help answer questions!