Smoke Protection In Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are intended to provide care for our elderly population.

These facilities are typically built in a multi-residential unit fashion and therefore can have significant challenges when it comes to building codes. Furthermore, the residents of an assisted living facility can have limited mobility so providing as much time as possible for egress is crucial. In some cases, a balanced approach is used when more stringent codes are required for the addition of a skilled nursing facility.

Both fire sprinklers and enclosed elevator lobbies can be problematic when it comes to keeping residents safe in the event of an emergency. Enclosed elevator lobbies can create an area that could actually trap smoke. Plus, the doors surrounding an enclosed elevator lobby can be heavy or easily blocked.

Fire sprinklers, on the other hand, can be helpful with extinguishing flames, however, during that process the moisture from the sprinklers can multiply the amount of smoke, causing inhalation danger.

Smoke rated curtains provide a passive option to smoke protection that can be very beneficial when it comes to segmenting smoke into certain areas of a building and offering extra time for residents to exit safely. If you think your smoke protection plan might need some upgrades, give us a call today. We install smoke and fire protection systems throughout California and Northern Nevada.