Smoke Curtains in Multi-Story Buildings

During a fire emergency, the most important task for firefighters is to save lives. To do so in an efficient manner, firefighters need smoke to be as quarantined as possible. In the case of multi-story buildings, such as office buildings or residential buildings stairwells and elevator shafts can serve as a chimney for smoke.

When it comes to smoke protection, egress paths such as elevator doors can easily become a conduit for smoke, hindering both firefighting and evacuation efforts.

Smoke-rated curtains can provide an easy and effective solution to this issue. These curtains offer an additional layer of protection against smoke travel, and our orange transparent material allows for visibility for both firefighters and occupants during an emergency.

With a magnetic gasketing system, our elevator smoke protection curtains are easy to move through and then return to their original position. Additionally, our smoke curtains have no side guides and can be easily integrated into any building's design.