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Deployable Opening Protectives for Smoke & Fire Safety

Flexible smoke and fire opening protectives provide many advantages over a stand-alone, complex, smoke exhaust system. Deployable fire-rated opening protectives provide effective protection around elevators or integrated into an atrium design. Plus, they do so at reduced costs.

Passive Fire Protection with Opening Protectives

A fire and smoke management system must be implemented to allow time for occupants to evacuate safely in the event of an emergency. However, keeping smoke and fire under control in the event of an emergency can be problematic when an atrium is involved.

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Model 4000: A Great Addition to an Existing Smoke Management System

When tackling fire code requirements for multi-story atriums, Smoke Guard’s Model 4000 fire-rated curtain is a great solution.

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Model 4000: Performance Standards

The Model 4000 provides unsurpassed flexibility when it comes to fire protection and open atrium design.

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Open Atrium Solutions: Perimeter Fire + Smoke Curtains

Open and airy atriums can be very environmentally friendly and typically offer large amounts of natural light and easy traffic flow.

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Our expe­ri­enced team knows how to opti­mize space, sat­is­fy rig­or­ous code require­ments, and rec­og­nizes the val­ue of cus­tomer relationships.

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Model 3000: Performance Standards

The Model 3000 is on our newest and most exciting products

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Horizontal Fire Curtains For Atriums

Smoke Guard California is offering an exciting new option for smoke & fire protection for open atriums.

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Enclosed Elevator Lobbies & Stack Effect

Stack effect is defined as airflow in shafts induced by indoor-to-outdoor temperature differences that lead to density differences and flow. Due to variable pressures and temperatures between floors in a multi-story building, stack effect can be quite troublesome in the event of a fire emergency.

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Are Enclosed Elevator Lobbies Necessary? Not Necessarily!

Enclosed elevator lobbies have a variety of purposes.

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Alternatives to Elevator Lobbies & Fire Safety

Did you know that asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation is the lead cause of fire-related deaths? This cause exceeds burns by a 3:1 ratio. This harsh reality is what drives certain building codes such as enclosed elevator lobbies in order to protect occupants from both fire and smoke.