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Static Smoke Solutions for Warehouses

A building atrium poses only a fraction of the complications that a warehouse can encounter when it comes to smoke and fire protection. In order to be effective, warehouses need to be large open, spaces to allow for manufacturing.

Assessing Passive Smoke Management Systems

The options are plentiful when it comes to configuring a passive smoke management system.

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Passive Smoke Barriers: Smoke Rated Curtains

Fire and smoke rated curtains are being used to protect openings into atrium spaces for surrounding floors.

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Custom Smoke and Fire Doors: The RISE

When it comes to fire and smoke safety, balancing design and efficiency can be challenging.

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Substitutes to the Classic Fire Door: Hospitals

Classic fire doors can be found around stairwells and elevator shafts in most buildings to restrict the flow of smoke and fire in the case of an emergency.

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Why Should I Choose a Custom Fire Door from SGCA Doors?

Fire and smoke safety always need to be considered when finalizing building design.

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Custom Smoke and Fire Door: The FOLD

Large openings can cause some trouble when it comes to fire and smoke safety.

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Custom Smoke & Fire Doors

If you look around today’s modern tech-based offices, you will notice a common thread.

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The Benefits of Smoke & Fire Rated Opening Protectives

Smoke & fire-rated curtains can be are crucial when it comes to designing, building or remodeling.

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Introducing Super Sensor Technology

The M4000 is an exciting addition to the work of smoke and fire protection.