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When it comes to life safety products, Smoke Guard California is the leading provider of smoke and fire rated curtains, custom SGCA doors and many other partner products.

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SGCA: Beyond the Custom Door

Smoke Guard California are innovators when it comes to the custom fire door.

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Fire Curtain Assemblies in Hospitals

For most buildings, fire doors are typically located around stairwells and elevator shafts as to limit the ability for smoke to leak from floor to floor. However, fire and smoke containment systems can be a little more complex for buildings in the healthcare industry such as hospitals.

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SGCA: More Than Just Doors & Curtains

At Smoke Guard California, we strive to provide comprehensive building safety solutions for all your emergency needs. Because of that, we have partnered with some great manufacturers to bring you a variety of new products.

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Why Choose a Smoke Draft Curtain?

When is comes to smoke and fire protection in large open floorplans such as warehouses, designing the right system can be quite a challenge. Luckily, Smoke Guard has solutions that can protect even the most complex structures.

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How Can We Help?

Our expe­ri­enced team knows how to opti­mize space, sat­is­fy rig­or­ous code require­ments, and rec­og­nizes the val­ue of cus­tomer relationships.

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Smoke Protection in Manufacturing Warehouses

When it comes to fire safety, manufacturing warehouses pose an interesting challenge. Not only are they large, open floor plans, but they often require the use of materials that can often be highly flammable or combustible.

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Product Spotlight: SG Draft Curtain

The SG Draft Curtain is one of Smoke Guard California’s best-selling products

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Static Smoke Solutions for Warehouses

A building atrium poses only a fraction of the complications that a warehouse can encounter when it comes to smoke and fire protection. In order to be effective, warehouses need to be large open, spaces to allow for manufacturing.

Assessing Passive Smoke Management Systems

The options are plentiful when it comes to configuring a passive smoke management system.

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Passive Smoke Barriers: Smoke Rated Curtains

Fire and smoke rated curtains are being used to protect openings into atrium spaces for surrounding floors.