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The Disadvantages to a Traditional Fire Door

The classic steel fire door has quite a legacy when it comes to fire protection.

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Replacing the Traditional Fire Door: Airport Concourses

Traditional fire doors used to be the only option to secure areas from fire and smoke.

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Replacing the Traditional Fire Door: Hospitals

The International Building Code (IBC) provides the rules and regulations that are most widely adopted in the United States. These construction and design codes provide fire door regulations to ensure the safety of a building’s occupants.

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Substitutes to Enclosed Elevator Lobbies

Did you know smoke inhalation is the leading cause of fire death, exceeding burns by a three-to-one ratio? Due to that reality, buildings must be designed to protect its occupants from both fire and smoke.

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Dissolving the Enclosed Elevator Lobby: The Benefits

When it comes to meeting smoke and fire codes, the enclosed elevator lobby has reigned supreme for many years.

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Our expe­ri­enced team knows how to opti­mize space, sat­is­fy rig­or­ous code require­ments, and rec­og­nizes the val­ue of cus­tomer relationships.

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Smoke & Fire Rated Opening Protectives for Internal Windows

When discussing vertically deploying smoke & fire-rated opening protectives, emphasis is always put on doorways or elevators. However, it is also important to consider any internal windows you may have.

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Maintain Security & Fire Safety

Secure environments such as banks or other financial institutions provide a unique dilemma when it comes to fire and smoke protection.

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Maximizing Space with Elevator Smoke Containment Systems

Smoke-rated opening protectives from Smoke Guard California provide solutions for buildings with insufficient space for an enclosed elevator lobby. Because an elevator shaft can serve as a chimney in the event of an emergency, it is crucial to provide a barrier between the elevator and the rest of the floors.

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Smoke Guard California: Smoke Curtains for California and Northern Nevada

Smoke Guard California is the proud provider of all Smoke Guard products to California and Northern Nevada.

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SGCA Doors: Custom Operable Doors

When it comes to doors, most people think of the tried and true hinged and swinging door. However, as design and architecture continues to innovate, doors shouldn’t be left behind.