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Horizontal Smoke Curtain - Product Spotlight

This model is a horizontally deploying curtain that can serve to separate floors in the event of an emergency. This is especially helpful in the design of open atriums.

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Model 3000: Horizontal Fire Curtain Performance Standards

Smoke Guard California now offers the Model 3000, a horizontally deploying smoke rated curtain, that provides phenomenal protection in open spaces such as atriums.

M3000 400 Fairview IT 33 1
Horizontal Fire Curtains For Atriums

Smoke Guard California is offering an exciting new option for smoke & fire protection for open atriums.

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Model 4000: A Great Addition to an Existing Smoke Management System

When tackling fire code requirements for multi-story atriums, Smoke Guard’s Model 4000 fire-rated curtain is a great solution.

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Model 4000: Perimeter Fire Curtain Performance Standards

The Model 4000 Perimeter curtain provides unsurpassed flexibility when it comes to fire protection and open atrium design.

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Our expe­ri­enced team knows how to opti­mize space, sat­is­fy rig­or­ous code require­ments, and rec­og­nizes the val­ue of cus­tomer relationships.

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Open Atrium Solutions: Perimeter Fire + Smoke Curtains

Open and airy atriums can be very environmentally friendly and typically offer large amounts of natural light and easy traffic flow.

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The Purpose of Smoke Control in Atrium Spaces

When dealing with a large building, atrium spaces present challenges when it comes to building codes.

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Why Smoke Guard California?

Whether you are doing renovations or starting new construction, it is imperative to adhere to all fire safety building codes.

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Fire & Smoke Safety for Theaters

Fire & Smoke Curtains from Smoke Guard California can adhere to building codes and be aesthetically pleasing.

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Fire Safety in Prisons and Detention Centers

Jails, Prisons and detention centers provide a unique dilemma when it comes to fire and smoke safety.