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What Are Smoke Curtains?

When designing with fire safety in mind, it's important to remember that where there's fire, there's smoke. And smoke can do as much, if not more, damage to your building than fire alone. Smoke curtains can help prevent or lower the amount of damage incurred during and after a fire.

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How Do Smoke Curtains Work

Smoke curtains are essential in preventing the spread of smoke during a fire, which can save lives and lower repair costs. But how do they work?

How Do Draft Curtains Work
When Are Smoke Curtains Required?

Smoke curtains are a great way to help prevent excess smoke damage to your building during a fire. They can help stop or slow the spread of smoke throughout a building or direct it to vents to be funneled outside.

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Horizontal Protective Curtains for Segmenting Atriums

Vertical fire curtains have been a part of fire and smoke safety plans for quite a while now. They can easily be placed at a stairwell, elevator shaft or expansive hallway to segment portions of a building in the event of a fire.

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Smoke Protection In Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are intended to provide care for our elderly population.

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Smoke Curtains in Multi-Story Buildings

During a fire emergency, the most important task for firefighters is to save lives. To do so in an efficient manner, firefighters need smoke to be as quarantined as possible. In the case of multi-story buildings, such as office buildings or residential buildings stairwells and elevator shafts can serve as a chimney for smoke.

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Reduce Smoke Inhalation with Automatic Smoke Curtains

Automatic fire rated smoke curtains can be integral in blocking heat and smoke from entering the building’s rooms in the event of an emergency. With our magnetic gasketing system, these smoke-rated curtains can be installed discretely and will deploy automatically during a fire.

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Horizontal Fire Curtains For Atriums

Smoke Guard California offers an innovative option for smoke & fire protection for open atriums.

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Smoke Control in High-Rise Buildings: Part 2

As mentioned in the first part of this series, high-rise buildings provide a variety of complications when it comes to controlling smoke and fire in the event of an emergency. Due to large square footage a combination of systems are often used to create an effective form of smoke control and management.