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Custom Smoke and Fire Doors: The FOLD

Large openings can cause some trouble when it comes to fire and smoke safety.

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Custom Smoke & Fire Doors

Fire and smoke safety in spaces with high ceilings can be quite tricky. This is especially true if aesthetics are important.

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Enclosed Elevator Lobby Alternatives: Part 1

Elevator shafts can often act like chimneys in multi-story buildings as they enable large amounts of air to move from floor to floor. Because of this, elevator shafts can easily transport smoke throughout a building in the case of a fire. Therefore, installing a fire and smoke containment system within an elevator shaft is crucial for building fire safety.

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The Advantages of Deployable Curtain Systems

Deployable smoke and fire rated curtains are cost effective and virtually invisible when not in use.

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The Differences Between Smoke Management & Smoke Containment

There are two types of smoke management systems: passive and active.

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What Are Your Options For Atrium Fire Safety?

Whether you are dealing with open atriums, interior stairs, or even escalators, fire curtains offer an energy and cost efficient solution for unenclosed openings.

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Fire & Smoke Safety for Building Atriums

Expanding the amount of natural light in a building by opening create an open atrium continues to be very popular in modern architecture.