Atrium Separation in Health Care: Part 3

A passive smoke management systems requires no mechanical systems to support them. They are typically easier to install as they do not require intervention from an engineer.

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Atrium Separation in Health Care: Part 2

Depending on the type of health care building, it may be important to have a more active smoke management system in place than just deployable smoke curtains.

Sgcal hospital Jan2015 blog
Atrium Separation in Health Care

Health Care buildings such as hospitals and clinics provide unique obstacles when trying to satisfy building codes and also provide the security and privacy necessary.

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Alternatives to Enclosed Elevator Lobbies: Accordion Doors

Enclosed elevator lobbies are required by most building codes to limit the ability of smoke and fire to travel from floor to floor via elevator shafts.

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Navigating a Corner? We Have You Covered!

Did you know that fire and smoke curtains from Smoke Guard can form an enclosure or navigate a corner?

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Our expe­ri­enced team knows how to opti­mize space, sat­is­fy rig­or­ous code require­ments, and rec­og­nizes the val­ue of cus­tomer relationships.

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Smoke Rated Curtains as Passive Smoke Barriers

Fire and smoke rated curtains are being used to protect openings into atrium spaces for surrounding floors.

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UL 10D: The New Requirement for Fire Protection

UL 10D is now the new minimum for testing fire curtain assemblies.

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Custom Smoke and Fire Doors: The RISE

When it comes to fire and smoke safety, balancing design and efficiency can be challenging.

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Evaluating Passive Smoke Control Systems for Compliance

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to configuring a passive smoke control system.

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Have You Considered a Custom Door?

If you are dealing with a building that has a phenomenal design aesthetic it can be hard to swallow that you may have to put ugly smoke and fire doors in place to make it safe. Obviously, safety is the main concern, but that doesn’t mean you have to give in to poor design.