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Alternatives to Elevator Lobbies: Design vs. Safety

Elevator lobbies provide quite the design obstacle when trying to integrate openness and sunlight into a multi-story building. This atrium area provides a critical first impression for the patrons of the building and a traditional elevator lobby does not allow for much flexibility when it comes to aesthetics.

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Product Spotlight: Model 1000

The model 1000 is one of our most popular products when it comes to providing exterior window separation.

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Advantages of Deployable Fire Partitions

Flexible fire and smoke partitions provide many advantages over a stand-alone, complex, smoke exhaust system. Not only do deployable fire partitions provide effective protection around elevators as well as integrated into an atrium design, but they do so at reduced costs.

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Fire Barrier vs. Fire Partition

Passive smoke and fire management systems can often have confusing language.

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Fire Partitions: A Passive Fire Protection Solution

Keeping smoke and fire under control can be problematic when it comes to open atriums.

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Fire & Smoke Curtains for Theaters

When it comes to protecting large crowds, such as in a theater, Smoke Guard fire and smoke curtains are a great options.

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Fire Curtain Assemblies in Hospitals

For most buildings, fire doors are typically located around stairwells and elevator shafts as to limit the ability for smoke to leak from floor to floor. However, fire and smoke containment systems can be a little more complex for buildings in the healthcare industry such as hospitals.

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Deployable Fire Curtain Systems for Airports

Airports provide a unique challenge when it comes to fire safety, They combine the complexities of open atriums with compartmentalized secure spaces. Therefore, the ability to securely section off smoke and fire in the case of an emergency is a necessity.

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Atrium Separation in Health Care: Part 4

Flexible Fire & Smoke Curtains are becoming the go-to technology for fire protection in many types of businesses. However, certain industries need a little extra protection depending on the building’s occupants.

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Save Big with an Alternative to Elevator Pressurization

Elevator shaft pressurization is often suggested as an alternative to enclosed elevator lobbies. After all, traditional fire curtains and doors have a stigma of being ugly, cumbersome and intrusive on design aesthetics. However, with today’s materials that is simply not true.