Open Atrium Solutions: Perimeter Fire + Smoke Curtains

Open and airy atriums can be very environmentally friendly and typically offer large amounts of natural light and easy traffic flow.

Ensuring fire and smoke protection in open atriums can be challenging, particularly when integrating open stairs or escalators in non-egress paths.

The solution to this problem is the Model 4000 Perimeter Curtain. This fire-rated curtain deploys vertically and can enclose the opening of a stairwell or escalator without the need for corner posts or columns. The pleated curtain, which is fire-rated, stores within a steel housing installed in a ceiling cavity. It can be customized in various widths with up to a 15-foot drop length.

Additionally, the Model 4000 Perimeter Curtain can be configured in multiple ways to offer additional design flexibility, such as an enclosed box-like format or an open-ended faceted configuration with or without side-guide captures.

For more information on this product, contact us today. The experts at SG Solutions can design a perimeter curtain tailored to your requirements.