Introducing Super Sensor Technology

The M4000 is an exciting addition to the work of smoke and fire protection.

The M4000 does not require any corner posts to successfully partition around grand staircases, escalators or other openings in multi-level atriums, making it incredibly useful.

In continuing with innovation, Smoke Guard has added the technology of the “Super Sensor”. Deployable curtains are a great way to keeping patrons safe during the event of an emergency by partitioning large spaces. However, by deploying in conjunction to smoke and fire alarms, it is possible for obstructions to exist during deployment, whether a patron or furniture.

The “Super Sensor” within the curtain will cause deployment to stop upon contact with an obstruction. It will then try to redeploy up to 5 times. If the obstruction is not moved within those 5 attempts, the curtain will come to rest upon the obstruction providing partial protection.

To view this technology in action, check out the video below:

M4000 Super Sensor™ Deployment - entrapment scenario from Smoke Guard, Inc. on Vimeo.