Flexible Opening Protectives Offer Many Advantages

When it comes to fire protection, the classic steel fire door has quite the legacy.

Aflexible fire-rated opening protective has many more advantages over a classic steel fire door when it comes to smoke and fire protection with today’s technology:

  • Invisible design: Smoke & fire-rated opening protectives basically disappear when not deployed. They don’t require large amounts of space or structural reinforcement. Because of this, opening protectives will not impede on the design of your building.
  • Virtually tamper-proof: Because opening protectives are completely stowed out of view, it is difficult for patrons to unknowingly tamper with or hinder the performance of them. On the other hand, fire doors can be easily blocked by furniture or forcibly propped open.
  • Improved traffic flow: Fire-rated opening protectives improve traffic flow by not requiring large door frames or enclosures.

Smoke Guard California can provide many different options to meet all your fire and smoke safety needs without compromising on design. Call now to talk to one our opening protective specialists.