Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain Systems for Atriums

Building atriums are very aesthetically pleasing, but large open spaces require extra attention to fulfill all fire safety building codes.

By implementing a fire and smoke-rated curtain system, you can establish an effective fire safety system without compromising on design and aesthetics. This approach is commonly referred to as atrium separation.

For atriums that exceed three stories in height, smoke exhaust systems are typically the default option, which can significantly impact a tight budget. However, by incorporating smoke curtains that deploy from nearly invisible openings in ceilings and walls, costs can be reduced. Not only do automatically deployed fire curtains supplement a smoke exhaust system, but they are also typically less expensive to install and maintain over the building's lifespan.

Moreover, horizontally deployed smoke curtains can create floor-to-floor separation in the event of a fire. This enables architects to maintain open floors to the atrium while easily cordoning them off during an emergency. Contact our experts at SG Solutions to learn more.