Fire Partitions: A Passive Fire Protection Solution

Keeping smoke and fire under control can be problematic when it comes to open atriums.

To facilitate the safe evacuation of occupants during emergencies, a smoke management system must be established.

When designing a building, architects can choose from various options based on the atrium's height and capacity. One such option is a passive smoke management system, which divides the areas affected by smoke or fire to allow for effective evacuation. Typically, these partitions come in the form of fire doors or fire and smoke-rated curtains.

Smoke and fire partitions can retract completely into the walls or ceilings, rendering them virtually invisible when not in use. Additionally, fire partitions require minimal power and do not obstruct entry for emergency crews.

Whether you require vertically deploying partitions or horizontally deploying flexible fire and smoke-rated atrium partitions, we have the solutions to preserve the design aesthetics of your building while ensuring the safety of occupants. Contact SG Solutions today for more information on the customized solution that best meets your needs.