Enclosed Elevator Lobbies & Stack Effect

Stack effect is defined as airflow in shafts induced by indoor-to-outdoor temperature differences that lead to density differences and flow. Due to variable pressures and temperatures between floors in a multi-story building, stack effect can be quite troublesome in the event of a fire emergency.

Elevator shafts serve as a chimney to transport smoke from floor to floor. Stack effect only exacerbates the issue as pressure variations can carry smoke quicker than an average draft. For this reason, and many others, enclosed elevator lobbies have been put in place to protect occupants throughout the building. However, an enclosed elevator lobby is not the only solution.

Unfortunately, enclosed elevator lobbies take up large amounts of square footage and impede building flow. Smoke Guard offers a variety of solutions that can provide the same protection as an enclosed elevator lobby without the design impediment. In fact, most solutions are basically invisible when not deployed. We offer a variety of finished to blend into any design. Give our installation specialists a call today to learn more about which options would be best suited for your enclosed elevator lobby alternative.