Maximizing Space with Elevator Smoke Containment Systems

Smoke-rated opening protectives from Smoke Guard California provide solutions for buildings with insufficient space for an enclosed elevator lobby. Because an elevator shaft can serve as a chimney in the event of an emergency, it is crucial to provide a barrier between the elevator and the rest of the floors.

By installing Smoke Guard elevator smoke containment systems above elevator doors, you can easily create the code equivalent of an enclosed elevator lobby without taking up valuable or saleable space. Smoke Guard California’s elevator door opening protectives eliminate the need for enclosed elevator lobbies and allow the building owner to reclaim valuable space to increase the net saleable/rentable floor space. This is especially important with older buildings that need to be brought up to code during remodels.

The smoke-rated magnetic gasketing system from Smoke Guard California allows for the easy egress of occupants without changing the design or decreasing the opening of the elevator door. Contact our specialists today for more information on how to implement a smoke curtain system at your elevators.