The Disadvantages to a Traditional Fire Door

The classic steel fire door has quite a legacy when it comes to fire protection.

These doors are usually quite cost effective so are an easy decision when it comes to trying to pinch pennies. That being said, technology has come a long way and the steel door has quite a few disadvantages to the newest in smoke and fire protection.

  • Design interference: Steel doors require lots of space to be built into the design of a building. The doors must have enough space to swing close in the event of an emergency and therefore can interfere with design aesthetics quite easily. This is especially true if the steel doors are added towards the end of a project.
  • Tenant Intervention: Fire doors are only effective if they are free from obstructions and can deploy properly. Because fire doors are accessible to building tenants, ty can be easily tampered with as many people will not understand their importance. This can be as simple as pushing furniture too close to the door or permanently propping the doors open.
  • Traffic Flow: Having to utilize a tradition door frame for fire safety can interrupt the flow of traffic for tenants in the building. Plus, depending on the trigger system, the doors could falsely deploy causing confusion and disruptions to tenants

Luckily, Smoke Guard can provide many different options to meet all your fire and smoke safety needs without compromising on design. Call now to talk to one our fire curtain specialists.