Deployable Opening Protectives for Smoke & Fire Safety

Flexible smoke and fire opening protectives provide many advantages over a stand-alone, complex, smoke exhaust system. Deployable fire-rated opening protectives provide effective protection around elevators or integrated into an atrium design. Plus, they do so at reduced costs.

Fire-rated opening protectives compartmentalize smoke and fire before they can spread throughout a structure. They are lightweight and do not typically need structural reinforcement when being installed. Because of this fact, a fire-rated opening protectives rarely interrupts the design of a building or atrium.

As a passive smoke management system, fire-rated opening protectives use less energy than a full-blown smoke exhaust system. If a more active smoke management system is required, however, fire-rated opening protectives can be used to supplement a mechanical smoke exhaust system. Through a properly designed smoke control system, smoke-rated opening protectives can work in conjunction with other safety elements of the building.

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