Custom Smoke & Fire Doors

If you look around today’s modern tech-based offices, you will notice a common thread.

Large open spaces, high ceilings, and a funky design aesthetic. While it may look good, fire and smoke safety in spaces like these can be quite tricky. In the past, rolling steel doors were the only option. However, Smoke Guard California has taken smoke and fire protection to the next level with custom doors that are both beautiful and functional.

Modern offices lean more and more to open spaces where coworkers can collaborate and connect often times without even leaving their desk. These open spaces can create a great vibe for an office, they can be quite difficult to keep safe in the event of an emergency.

Large openings have to be segmented during an emergency to stop the transfer of smoke. Custom smoke and fire doors from SGCA Doors use counter-balance engineering to provide exceptional safety while blending flawlessly into architectural finishes. In fact, the finishes and design on these doors are so impeccable, they add to the design, rather than just disappearing into the background.

SGCA Doors provides a variety of options that fold, stack, tilt, pivot, or rise when not in use. These doors are custom fit to suit your needs so give us a call today to discuss custom door options for your building.