Custom Smoke & Fire Doors

Fire and smoke safety in spaces with high ceilings can be quite tricky. This is especially true if aesthetics are important.

In the past, rolling steel doors were the only option. However, with today’s technology and design options, we can create custom doors that are both beautiful and functional.

Modern offices lean more and more to open spaces where coworkers can collaborate and connect without wandering too far from their desk. While open spaces create a great vibe for an office, they can be quite difficult to keep safe in the event of an emergency.

Large openings have to be segmented during an emergency to stop the transfer of smoke. Custom smoke and fire doors from SGCA Doors use counter balance engineering to provide exceptional safety while blending flawlessly into architectural finishes.

SGCA Doors provides a variety of options that fold, stack, tilt, pivot, or rise when not in use. These doors are custom fit to suit your needs. Give us a call today to discuss custom door options for your building.