Atrium Separation in Health Care: Part 4

Flexible Fire & Smoke Curtains are becoming the go-to technology for fire protection in many types of businesses. However, certain industries need a little extra protection depending on the building’s occupants.

Take health care for example. Imagine having patients with respiratory illnesses in the event of a fire. Smoke inhalation become much larger of an issue. Furthermore, areas with oxygen tanks or other flammable materials need to be kept away from fire so all occupants can safely exit.

For these reasons and many others, smoke containment and management is crucial. Luckily, smoke and fire-rated curtains provide a variety of benefits:

  • Contains smoke through containment
  • Made of lightweight materials and do not require structural re-enforcement
  • Recess completely into walls to not interfere with atrium design
  • Unlike fire doors, can’t be as easily propped open or unknowingly blocked by furniture
  • Use less energy that a smoke exhaust system
  • Vertical curtains can be rated for smoke leakage