Are Enclosed Elevator Lobbies Necessary? Not Necessarily!

Enclosed elevator lobbies have a variety of purposes.

Not only do enclosed elevator lobbies limit smoke migration from floor to floor, but they can also serve as staging areas for fire department operations. Despite their uses, however, there have been quite a few advocates for removing this requirement for the 2015 International Building Code.

Most of these arguments stem from the fact that buildings are required to have so many other types of smoke and fire protection that the enclosed elevator lobby provides little to no additional benefit. Plus, with today’s technology, a full-fledged lobby is not necessary. Alternatives such as Smoke Guard’s smoke and fire rated curtains serve to block the spread of smoke without the square footage requirement.

Smoke Guard provides solutions for all types of elevator application. Whether a part of a larger entry atrium or a simple floor lobby that separates various suites on a higher floor, we have a smoke curtain solution that can flawlessly integrate into your building’s design. Call our design team today for more information on the solutions best suited for your building project.