Alternatives to Elevator Lobbies & Fire Safety

Did you know that asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation is the lead cause of fire-related deaths? This cause exceeds burns by a 3:1 ratio. This harsh reality is what drives certain building codes such as enclosed elevator lobbies in order to protect occupants from both fire and smoke.

Elevator shafts in large, multi-story buildings present a huge challenge as they act like a chimney during a fire emergency. Architects and contractors have long relied on enclosed elevator lobbies to separate the elevator shaft from the rest of the building. While they can be a simple solution, they are often quite costly when it comes to design aesthetics, implementation, square footage required, and patron flow.

With today’s advancements in smoke and fire protection, a traditional enclosed elevator lobby is no longer necessary. Instead of having to create a full-fledged lobby, installing smoke and fire curtains at the elevator jamb can protect the elevator shaft without affecting design at all. When not in use, the curtains disappear into the elevator frame and go mostly unnoticed to an untrained eye.

If you are looking for an alternative to an enclosed elevator lobby, Smoke Guard has a variety of options to ensure fire and smoke safety without compromising design. Contact us today for more information and specifications.