Alternatives to Elevator Lobbies: Design vs. Safety

Elevator lobbies provide quite the design obstacle when trying to integrate openness and sunlight into a multi-story building. This atrium area provides a critical first impression for the patrons of the building and a traditional elevator lobby does not allow for much flexibility when it comes to aesthetics.

Unfortunately, traditional elevator lobbies can create a bit of a challenge when it comes to design. In order to protect elevator shafts and provide proper smoke and fire protection, elevator lobbies must have an enclosure in the event of an emergency. Luckily, with today’s resources, an enclosed elevator lobby doesn’t necessarily mean what it used to.

With products from Smoke Guard, gone are the days of a sterile elevator lobby surrounded by clunky fire proof doors. Smoke and fire curtains from Smoke Guard can virtually disappear when not in use and deploy when necessary. Ceiling mounted smoke curtains offer finish options that will match any design aesthetic and still provide the protection required to keep your patrons safe.

Elevator lobbies may seem like a challenge, but Smoke Guard offers plenty of alternative options. Call one of our customer specialists today to learn how you can keep the flow of an elevator lobby without sacrificing design or safety.