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How Do Fire Curtains Work?

Fire curtains should always be a top consideration when designing or remodeling a commercial building.

How Do Draft Curtains Work?
How Do Draft Curtains Work?

For industrial buildings with larger square footage, like airplane hangars and plants, draft curtains offer a solution for code-compliant smoke protection.

When are Draft Curtains Required
When Are Draft Curtains Required?

Commercial architects and building owners trust draft curtains in their fire protection strategies. Keep reading to learn more about draft curtains.

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What Are Draft Curtains?

When providing fire and smoke protection for your building, smoke control and removal should always be a component of a building’s fire safety plan as smoke is the most damaging. Ideal for buildings like warehouses, manufacturing plants and aircraft hangars, draft curtains are very effective forms of smoke control and are often compatible with existing fire protection systems.

How to Clean Smoke Curtains
How to Clean Smoke Curtains

While testing and servicing your smoke curtains on a routine basis is a great first step, you should also ensure they are cleaned routinely as well. Let’s look at a few ways to approach cleaning smoke curtains and how to incorporate cleaning them into your regular maintenance routine.

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Adding Smoke Protection to Fire-Rated Elevator Doors

In the event of a fire, fire-rated elevator doors can help in an evacuation, leading to saved lives. However, they can also cause increased smoke distribution if not properly protected.

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How Often Should Smoke Curtains Be Serviced?

Smoke curtains are a great way to protect your building from smoke damage without detracting from its design. However, for them to be truly effective, they need to be maintained and tested on a regular basis.

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What Are Smoke Curtains?

When designing with fire safety in mind, it's important to remember that where there's fire, there's smoke. And smoke can do as much, if not more, damage to your building than fire alone. Smoke curtains can help prevent or lower the amount of damage incurred during and after a fire.

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How Do Smoke Curtains Work

Smoke curtains are essential in preventing the spread of smoke during a fire, which can save lives and lower repair costs. But how do they work?

How Do Draft Curtains Work
When Are Smoke Curtains Required?

Smoke curtains are a great way to help prevent excess smoke damage to your building during a fire. They can help stop or slow the spread of smoke throughout a building or direct it to vents to be funneled outside.